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M Sc (Zoology)

M.Sc.- Zoology

First Semester


1. Biosystematic  and taxonomy

2. Quantitative biology

3. Tool  and  techniques

4. Molecular cell biology


Second Semester


1. Structure and function of invertebrates

2. General and comparative physiology of vertebrates

3. Biochemistry and structural biology

4. Population  ecology  and environmental physiology


Thrid Semester


1. Comparative anatomy of vertebrates

2. Molecular cytogenetic

3. Special paper-

(A) Fish structure and function

(B) Fish morphology, anatomy and physiology


Fourth Semester


1. Animals behavior

2. Biology of parasitism and vertebrate

3. Special paper-

(A) Taxonomy, systematic and ecology of fishes

(B) Pisciculture and economic importance of fish